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When we opened 916 Auto Mart we did it with one goal in mind, to serve the most forgotten and under served deep second chance financing market. We felt that with our extensive finance background we could serve this community better than anyone else, and we were right.

With over 40 years combined experience in financing second chance customers, we are extremely capable in providing great service to our clients. After opening, we immediately became one of the most successful independent dealers in Sacramento by delivering cars to customers with very bad credit and low down payments.

When we opened our dealership, we started talking to other dealers. What became apparent was that most dealerships of our size that were focusing on bad credit customers were owned and operated by people with little, if any, car experience. Everyone was in the business: lawyers, stockbrokers, night club owners, accountants, but no "car people". We asked ourselves, "How are these inexperienced people doing it?". Turns out, they aren't.

We started noticing another trend. Every customer we had sold a car to had been to half a dozen other dealerships, even those advertising financing for bad credit. Then one day, we got a referral from one of our competitors for a customer they could not sell a car to. Then another competitor, then another... Now 1/3 of all of our business comes from other dealers "specializing" in bad credit, sending us customers they simply cannot finance.

Overnight our competition started mimicking us, and now everywhere you look, dealerships are promising low down payments with bad credit. However few, if any, can truly deliver on that promise unlike 916 Auto Mart.

The combination of offering nice, newer, lower mileage cars with low down payments and monthly payments to bad credit customers is more than our competition can handle. Today we are one of the most successful independent dealers in Sacramento and continue to grow.